Cozy lotto

Imagine if you won....

Cozy lotto at £250

How to play
  • Choose 5 numbers
  • Click on a banner to see if you've won
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How to play
Difficulty level :
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Difficulty level

The difficulty level at is measured by how difficult it is to win the prize.
For example, if there is 1 pig shown, then it is very easy to win the prize.
If the difficulty level shows 5 pigs, then it would be very hard to win the prize.

Last 10 Winners
Sophie, France £316.15
Pascal, France £316.12
pascal, France £311.81
Pascal, France £297.94
pascal, France £301.61
pascal, France £308.96
Pascal, France £311.87
Pascal, France £302.17
jojoey08, France £309.78
pascal, France £311.87

How to play: Cozy lotto

With Cozy lotto you have the opportunity to win cash prizes.
The prize in Cozy lotto is £250.

When you play you will immediately find out if you have won or not.
You don't need to wait for a draw to find out if you've won.

The more you play the bigger the chances are that YOU will win the £250!
*Remember to keep an eye out, for the weekly Happy Hour games, where you have 1 hour to play as many lottogames as possible, and as such increase your chances of winning exponentially.

If you have not played lotto before, here are the basic guidelines:

  • Choose 5 random numbers.
  • Click on one of our sponsor ads.
  • See if you've won!

Will you be the next lucky Cozy lotto winner and run away with £250?

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